Getting SLAM position data from isaac_ros_visual_slam

I would like to poll the position from the isaac_ros_visual_slam node. According to the attached image from the slide deck on isaac_ros_visual_slam, there should be a /pose publisher from, which would be ideal for me. However, the only Position I can find is, /visual_slam/tracking/vo_pose, which is from the VO path, not the SLAM path (in the source code, it does not appear like this is getting updates from loop closure, and would therefore have the drift of VO, which I can’t afford). Currently, I am just pulling the last point from the /visual_slam/tracking/slam_path topic, however getting a position directly would be ideal. Any suggestions?

Hi @alistair7

Thank you for your post.
This image is regarding an old version of Isaac ROS Visual SLAM, now the same output is available in other published topics.

As you wrote, these are the topics publishing the odometry: I’m forwarding your request also to have the SLAM position on a topic like the old Isaac ROS Visual SLAM version.


I would find this useful, currently the two ways to get the VSLAM pose are by the topic visual_slam/tracking/slam_path and the service visual_slam/get_all_poses. A service or topic to output the position would be helpful.