Getting started after installing

I need some direction about how to start using the tool after I have it installed. I checked the docs but not much there after I have it installed. I tried opening the models from samples but they have type errors. not sure why that it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for trying the tool. At its core, DL Designer allows you to easily create CNNs and deploy it for inference. It’s also a great tool for learning if you are just getting started with deep learning. I’d suggest that you follow this workflow: create some simple network models, profiling your model to get a sense of its inference performance, export the models into PyTorch, do you own training, come back to the tool with your weights and do some visual analysis of the inference, then finally export your model for deployment (ONNX, C++, DirectML).

The provided samples are a good starting point to make it easier to go through the above workflow. Can you share which sample is giving you the type errors and what the error messages are?


I opened the Unet model and after opening I 23 errors.

not sure why I am seeing these errors messages. my setup is window 11 with 4090.

Thanks! The reason why you are seeing the errors is because the cuDNN component inside DLD, unfortunately, does not support the latest RTX 4xxx GPUs. DLD was release last year before the RTX 4xxx GPUs were made public.