How to use NVIDIA TOOLs: Nsight System, Nsight Compute, and DL Design

I’m curious if I’ve properly configured these tools or not.? but in nsight system i can’t use nvtx, in nsight compute why i can’t see the asembly code and how to use nsight DL Design after install the .run file in ubuntu ( after doing these
sudo chmod +x ./
./ )

I recommend submitting separate issues to each tool forum for the issues you’re seeing. For Nsight Compute, can you share what commands/steps you’re running and what the issue is? Can you share a screenshot?

thks for your recommend,these are my commands:
$nsys nvprof ./a.out

and then I use nsight compute ( or nsight system) to open .nsys-rep file still get this error:


Nsight Systems and Nsight Compute are separate tools. While there is some overlap with the System Trace activity in Nsight Compute, I’m not sure that’s what you’re trying to do. I’d recommend filing the issue about opening the result in Nsight Systems in the Nsight Systems forum. To run a profile with Nsight Compute, you use the “ncu” CLI. If you have any issues with the ncu CLI or opening those results in the GUI, please let me know.