Getting Started - Fun Project

Hey All,

I’m just getting started into this thing, I do AI primarily for business day to day and some IoT, light on the actual hardware though. I was talking with a few other folks I know in the local area and we all find the ocean fascinating, so we decided, what the heck, lets build an autonomous submarine with some sensors on it. Bought the TX-1, just got in, looking at it, going “great, now what?”.

I was hoping there might be some docs on simply attaching a few cameras and possibly sonar to the TX-1. We have enthusiastic hobbyist abilities in this area, so yeah, anything simple and well done is greatly appreciated.

A simple tutorial on “heres a simple self driving ROV with a single camera and 4 motors” would be a perfect start. We have the ML covered, its the camera wiring, reading the camera data, getting it into image data, and controlling motors part we could use help with. Also any docs on 3G modules?

Thanks for any pointers!

Here’s some related info:

Various TX1 docs:

Thanks! I’ll have a go at this and then come back with more questions once I arrive at them. I think I need to just start writing some code, get it to blink a light on power up and the usual hello world stuff.