GigE Camera Connection Issues


Working with a Jetson AGX Orin Dev Kit and an IDS UI-5130FA-C-HQ GigE camera.

I am having trouble getting the GigE camera to connect through wired ethernet connection (tried both with and without a switch). The camera works fine through wifi and works fine with the exact same ethernet connection set up on two other computers (one is windows and the other is an x86 architecture ubuntu device).

When the camera is plugged in via ethernet I receive the error: “The network adapter is not configured to use packets larger than the normal size of 1.5 KB. Please set the packet size to at least 2 KB.”

The camera manufacturer suggested trying the following commands (all of which work on our x86 ubuntu device):

  • ethtool -g eth0

    • Terminal Response: “Cannot get device ring settings: Operation not supported.”
  • ethtool -G eth0 rx 2048

    • Terminal Response: “Cannot get device ring settings: Operation not supported.”
  • ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000

    • Terminal Response: “SIOCSIFMTU: Device or resource busy.”

Thank you in advance for whatever help you can provide.

Could you try on new release BSP that using kernel 5.10

Sorry should have specified operating system details.

Ubuntu - 20.04
Jetpack - 5.0.1
Kernel - 5.10.65-tegra
Tegra Release - 34.1.1-20220516211757

Nothing changed out of the box hardware wise, OS, jetpack and Deepstream were all flashed using the NVIDIA SDK Manager.

It looks like I already have the right kernel version, is there anything else I can try?


Did the following:
sudo ip link set down eth0
sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 4096
sudo ip link set up eth0

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