GMSL camera PTP synchronization


We install 4 identical GMSL cameras on Orin. I want the GMSL cameras to perform PTP synchronization with the lidar. Is this feasible? I see in this document:

NVIDIA is looking at moving current timestamping done in frame capture ISR to PTP (get_ptp_hwtime())

I am using NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux version 35.1. Does this feature exist now?

thank you

This is not supported on L4T releases. For reference, could you share the reason to have PTP synchronization for each camera?

Ok, thanks.

In the project research stage, we wanted to realize synchronous trigger between Lidar and camera, Lidar and Oirn used PTP time synchronization mode.

I saw the description in the DRIVE PX 2 document and heard FAE say that the camera timestamp can synchronize the PTP time, but I couldn’t find Orin’s description of this part.

So there’s no connection between the camera timestamp and the PTP?

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