Gmsl camera YUYV issue

I use max9295+imx390 camera on my carrid board which has MAX9296 (the core board is production Jetson Xaiver NX)
my camera module data format is YUYV.
my proplem is the same as below:

I don’t know why, is Naiver NX not support YUYV data format?
I use below command to record a video
v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=1920,height=1080,pixelformat=YUYV --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=100 -d /dev/video0 --stream-to=1.raw

then, I use mplayer to play the video file 1.raw in ubuntu of jetson naiver nx with uyvy format. it is normal
mplayer 1.raw -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo w=1920:h=1080:fps=30:format=uyvy

but, when I play it with yuyv format, the screen is green.
mplayer 1.raw -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo w=1920:h=1080:fps=30:format=YUY2

The csi_pixel_bit_depth/dynamic_pixel_bit_depth should be 16
What if don’t modify the tegracam_v4l2.c?