gnome-terminal laggy input/response on GT220


I’m experiencing an irritating problem in gnome-terminal, its responsivness to my input. Mostly, when I’m typing, making actions, they are “laggy”, letters are removed or appearing with visible delay. I see this effect once in a while (much less often than in terminal) when typing this message in Iceweasle.
Gnome Shell in general is responsive, application menu, etc. is fine.

I’m using Debian testing, the numbers are:

  • nvidia-driver: 340.76 and 340.93 (tried both, from testing and unstable repositories)
  • kernel 4.1.0-2-amd64
  • X.Org X Server 1.17.2
  • GNOME Shell 3.16.3
  • glxgears around 6300 FPS

This issue seems not to affect my other card, GTX 750 Ti.
Is this known problem, are there any solutions? I searched, but mostly people are without a clue :(

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EDIT: added GNOME Shell version.

Could be related to this:

You’ll need later versions of the driver and GNOME Shell if so.

The 200 series isn’t supported by anything newer than 340xx though. Not sure if the bug is in that driver version and if it will be patched in the future.
It’s enough to patch mutter to get rid of this problem if you have a recent driver.

Ahh yes, excellent point.