GPU burn for the Jetson Xavier NX 16GB


I would like to test Jetson Xavier NX 16GB with GPU burn program(max clock 1.1GHz) but when I run it, Xavier NX reboots.
GPU burn program works with Xavier NX 8GB but it doesn’t work with Xavier NX 16GB.
Could you please let me know the version of GPU burn program for Xavier NX 16GB?


Please provide more info of this tool.

I used this from below link.


Does this code use “nvidia-smi”? Or any PCI function? If so, then it won’t work, and this would be expected; if not, then perhaps there is some other issue.

Jetsons have an integrated GPU (iGPU) wired directly to the memory controller. A very large range of software out in the wild expects a discrete GPU (dGPU) over PCI. Detecting and setting up for the GPU is often via PCI functions. You might want to search for PCI query or nvidia-smi within your program. If that exists, then this is the reason. If not, then it might be solvable.

Hi Leo_123,

The nvidia-smi is run on dGPU, not support on Jetson platform (with iGPU).
We tried to run CUDA samples + CPU stress test about 1 hour on JP-5.1.1 + Xavier-NX-16GB, confirmed no issue. Please try with CUDA samples, thanks!

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