GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed crashes

Suddenly getting a lot of generic GPU Crashed or D3D Device Removed crashes when opening a project. In Unreal 5.1.1 Caustics branch.
I think must be Direct X12 related because I get a 2nd error pop-up referencing D3D12RHI

D3DUtil.cpp {Line: 868} → GetTimestampFrequency failed

Anyone else experience this and how did you resolve?
GPU_Crashed_or_D3D Device Removed

i also get these in 5.2 caustics. sometimes it’s due to engine crash but other times its drivers. i had to roll my drivers back to 536.99 studio driver

For me, the cause of the crash was MSI Afterburner. I’ve tried both DX11 and 12 and UE5 crashes in both cases; turned Afterburner off, and both DX11 and 12 work fine. UE4, however, runs fine with Afterburner.

Hi there @ttsstt0 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Sorry I overlooked your post here for so long.

We have seen some reports like “GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed” in the past, most of the time nothing concrete to properly debug though. But the hint to check for Afterburner is helpful I think.