GPUCurrentClockFreqs shows always the same value

i tried the most drivers On Ubuntu 3.11 with Georce 210 1 GB (rev2) of Gigabyte and remarqued that the GPUCurrentClockFreqs does not change whether the Machine is in idle state or when i play mpeg2 or mpeg4 videos .

doing this : DISPLAY=:0 nvidia-settings -c :0 -tq GPUCurrentClockFreqs

it is always on the maximum frequency . the powerlevel ist in Auto and shows adaptive enabled .

why does not the clockfrequency decrease with low usage ?is the recklocking not working with proprietary drivers too ?
Thank you

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (159 KB)
nvidia-installer.log (217 KB)

Plz attach nvidia bug report. What did you observe in nvidia-settings ? Any other driver worked for you? Did you test with bare X server running [with xinit or X ]?

i have a DVB PCI-e card and use VDR for watching TV . 1080i, 720p , 576i, and sd streams show always the maximal frequencyclock although the level is set to adaptive . the nvidia setting shows only level 0 with maximal values of the Geforce 210 .

sorry for my english .