Grab frame from deserializer or serializer when developing mipi camera

Hi all,

I am developing mipi camera and I want to grab from only from ser or des without sensor to test the serdes connection, but I don’t know how to do it with gstreamer (nvarguscamerasrc) or which frame grabber can help me do this

Does anyone has any advice?

Thanks in advance

hello 346842280,

in my experience, there’s test-pattern-generator that you’re able to enable on the SerDes chip.
this could sending test-pattern without sensor connected.

Hi JerryChang,

sorry for the delay.

I tried to use nvarguscamera open camera, while open test pattern generation of camera/serdes. When I turned on test pattern generator of sensor, the streaming is fine, but when I tried to turn on test pattern generator of serdes, the streaming will freeze with error of nvargus-daemon

And also, I don’t think nvarguscamerasrc can grab frame without connecting to sensor. Or it is possible to grab test pattern from serdes without connecting to sensor?

hello 346842280,

I haven’t try this use-case, what’s the failure from Argus if you without connecting to a sensor?
it should works in theory, since you enable TPG (i.e. test pattern generator) on SerDes, it outputs the stream directly to CSI.