Gray scale image capture example

Hi Team,

Could you please provide any dts and driver change reference to add support for grayscale image sensor in l4t 32.4.


You can reference to any RBG Bayer sensor for it. Also check the programing guide for sensor driver implement.

Hi @ShaneCCC

Thanks for the response,

Does the latest L4T (32.4 or 32.5) support the GRAY8 format?
I couldn’t see any GRAY8 words in the Nvidia kernel,
Could you please give some reference to show how to add a new format in the NVidia kernel?


Does it Bayer output? You can just report it as any of RGB Bayer sensor like “rggb” for hacking it.
If it’s not Bayer need debayer you may need to modify the driver to support it.

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