Grid 16.2 drivers

Since upgrading our guest drivers to 16.2 we’ve been experiencing various performance issues.
We have several vGPU environments that we manage and the 2 that we’ve upgraded to 16.2 have been having performance issues that we’ve needed to roll back to 16.1.

One environment is Citrix with Citrix hyperviser and using Windows 10 guests with Revit, the other environment is vSphere and Horizon using W10 guests with Siemens NX. Both applications had graphical performance issues and crashes since upgrading the guest drivers.

We’ve kept the hosts on 16.2 with 16.1 guests which works ok.

Is anybody else experiencing these issues?
Are NVIDIA aware of the 16.2 driver issues?
Will this be fixed in the future?

Did you open a support ticket with NVES to investigate your issues?

Hi James

Did you end up getting a resolution? We are experiencing issues since upgrading in-guest drivers to the 16.4 branch.

MS Edge, Teams, outlook randomly freezing.