GRID K2 with memory 3,5GB/GPU only?

Hi Team,
I just purchased a GRID K2, when i plug it in my server. I detected that it’s memory capacity only 3,5GB per physical GPU and i can’t power-on my VM on this card.
I have another K2 card on the same server with fully 4GB without any problem.
I also attach the screenshot of nvidia-smi command.
NVIDIA-SMI command:
Power On VM error:
My system is:

  • Server SYS-2028GR-TR
  • CPU E5-2698 v4
  • RAM 256GB
  • 3 x 480GB SSD Intel S3520.
  • OS: ESXi 6.0 update 2
  • Horizon View 7.0.2

Hope you can help me identify what happen and what i can do with this card before i return it to seller.

Thanks and best regards,
Nguyen Thanh Danh


never seen this before. Please contact your reseller. BTW, K2 is EOL for almost 1 year now. Why did you buy a board that is EOL already?



Thanks for your reply, i bought this K2 because it dont need additional license cost for user and it still match my requirements.
I wonder there are any related between bios setup or memory mode on this card?

Danh Nguyen

i have an GRID K2 Card wich ahs also an Power on Problem and also Only Reports 3500 MB amount of Memory in VMWare and via Nvidia-SMI. Have you solved it or just bought another one?

best regards