Gstreamer nvvideosink NVXIO/Visionworks

I’ve created a modified version of GStreamerNvCameraFrameSourceImpl that tries to create a gstreamer pipeline from a v4l2src -> nvjpegdec -> nvvidconv -> nvvideosink. This is to try to use an MJPEG USB camera (see3cam 130) with Visionworks.

The pipeline connects okay with the capabilities but it fails to start the pipeline at the end. I can recreate the same pipeline with gst-launch and it works with v4l2src -> nvjpegdec -> nvvidconv -> nvoverlaysink but when using nvvideosink it doesn’t work.

I also tried to use the originalGStreamerNvCameraFrameSourceImpl class in Visionworks but it can’t start the pipeline either.

Is there something else I need to do to use nvvideosink?

It seems the nvcameraframesource example doesn’t set the outcaps property that needs to be set. In the nvgstcapture example that is set.