Gsync with a non Gsync multi-display.

I can’t find a clear answer to this question, but I’m curious about the current state of multi-display gsync support when one gsync monitor is paired with a non-gsync 60hz monitor. Example, a 1440 144hz display for games, and a regular old 60hz display for web, Discord, TS etc… (I assume this would be a typical setup for most with two displays).

Most posts regarding this are a few years old and mention some limitations such that the gsyncd window needs to span the entire desktop (requiring two matching gsync displays), which would defeat the purpose of the second display for other app.'s . I’ve also read you need to disable compositors, and enable flipping. I’ve also read that these problems have since been fixed.

Can anyone with a similar setup confirm that gsync is enabled for their one display that supports it while gaming?

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I can confirm as of last week that I cannot get such a situation to work. I have one freesync capable 4k monitor (LG27UL650), an old pre-gsync WUXGA (1920x1200 HP ZR24W), and a 1650 Super.

I have tried leaving WUXGA display powered off. I also tried running with no desktop by starting the game via a custom sddm login. I don’t seem to be able to get the gsync indication to output anything other than “NORMAL”. Perhaps I have to totally purge the xorg.conf and nvidia settings of all dual-monitor settings. Perhaps the LG27UL650 freesync and Nvidia’s “Allow GSYNC-Compatable” don’t play well together.

For now I don’t think it’s worth giving up or replacing the old monitor for what I imagine to be a minor gain.

I can back up your findings. Though, having used this particular setup now, I haven’t noticed any screen tearing at 144hz. All my refresh rate sync is disabled on the main display. The odd movie might tear, but you really have to be watching for it. And the input lag is so much better!!!

I don’t think I’d ever go back to 60hz regardless of gsync support. For me, it was like going from a 7200rpm HD to an SSD for the 1st time. That noticeable!!!

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