FastSync screen Tearing while using multiple fullscreen windows

I’m having issues with bad screen tearing while rendering to multiple full screen windows with fast sync enabled.

My current test setup is a Windows 10 PC using an RTX 3060 Rendering with DX11 rendering at 300+ FPS. Disabling fast sync still produces screen tearing but nowhere near as bad as it is with fast sync on.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Hi there @csewelly and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I am not the expert on this, but I have sincere doubts that FastSync is supported to work on multi-display setups.

Do you have Exactly the same monitor models and both connected with the exact same type of cable etc.?
And what are the monitor timings of the monitors and do they support G-Sync?

Any difference in any of those will cause issues with synchronization and possibly cause the tearing.

I would start with one monitor first and see what’s happening, then use NSight Developer tools to analyse frame times and sync signals to get to the bottom of this.