GTC Fall 2022 | Omniverse Annoucements

We hope you got a chance to watch the GTC Fall 2022 Keynote. If you missed it or would like to watch it again, a replay of the keynote can be found here.

One of the biggest announcements at GTC Fall 2022 was our new Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs. The new RTX 6000 combines third-generation RT Cores, fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and next-gen CUDA® Cores with 48GB of graphics memory for unprecedented rendering, AI, graphics, and compute workload performance. We also announced a version for the data center, the NVIDIA L40, which powers the new OVX computing system to deliver groundbreaking real-time graphics, AI and digital twin simulation capabilities.

Here’s a quick recap of the top Omniverse announcements:

New Omniverse Features - Read More

  • A new beta release coming in Fall 2022 for Omniverse Kit (104), Create 2022.3, and View 2022.3 with huge improvements for real-time ray tracing, live USD workflows, large scene performance, animation and behavior
  • New updates to Universal Scene Description - new collections of free, online USD schema examples and tutorials, IFC schema for USD in development
  • Major performance improvements to large scenes, real-time rendering, and XR with the new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture
  • New AI Toy Box/Neural Graphics experimental tools
  • New proceduralism for Behavior/Physics
  • New synthetic data inspector app called Replicator Insight
  • New SimReady assets - purpose-built for 3D simulation workflows
  • Developer Tools - new developer self-publishing exchange coming soon
  • Siemens JT Converter - new JT-USD converted opens every CAD workflow to Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud - Read More

  • NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud is a suite of cloud services and infrastructure-as-a-service purpose-built for designing, publishing, and experiencing metaverse applications anywhere. Omniverse Cloud connects Omniverse Applications running in the cloud, on-premises, or on devices. Omniverse Cloud will be available as NVIDIA managed services via early access by application.

NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) & Tokkio - Read More

  • At GTC, NVIDIA presented how the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) is being used to create incredibly complex avatar applications - including Tokkio, a reference application for building immersive avatar-powered customer experiences.

NVIDIA Racer RTX - Read More

  • To showcase the improved GPU performance and breakthrough advancements made possible by GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs in NVIDIA Omniverse, Racer RTX lets the user explore different sandbox environments, highlighting the amazing 3D worlds that artists are now able to create.

We also announced some great updates to our Omniverse Enterprise offerings:

New NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Features - Learn More

  • New Omniverse Enterprise release coming Fall 2022
  • New LaunchPad lab for physics and simulation and a new option to bring your data
  • New Enterprise Nucleus Server container deployment option
  • New Farm, Replicator, and Isaac Sim container deployment option

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise on LaunchPad - Get Started

  • The NVIDIA LaunchPad trial program has expanded to include curated Omniverse Enterprise labs for 3D design practitioners and project reviewers. NVIDIA LaunchPad gives design practitioners and project reviewers instant, free turnkey access to hands-on Omniverse Enterprise labs, helping them make quicker, more confident software and infrastructure decisions, accelerating the sales cycle.

NVIDIA OVX - Read More

  • We announced the second generation of NVIDIA OVX powered by the Ada Lovelace L40 data center GPUs. This new generation of OVX systems will feature 8x NVIDIA L40 GPUs and 3x ConnectX-7 smart network cards to deliver groundbreaking graphics and network acceleration capabilities for Omniverse in the data center.

New Customer User Cases

Here are some other announcements we think you might be interested in:

NVIDIA Issac Sim Cloud - Learn More

  • At GTC, we announced NVIDIA Isaac Sim on the cloud, providing developers with three options to access photoreal, physically-accurate robotics simulation through newly released Omniverse Cloud, AWS RoboMaker, or self-managed instances using NGC downloads.

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim Neural Reconstruction Engine - Learn More

  • NVIDIA researchers have developed an AI pipeline, known as the Neural Reconstruction Engine, that constructs a 3D scene from recorded sensor data in NVIDIA DRIVE Sim. These AI tools bring the real world directly in simulation to increase realism and speed up production. NRE uses multiple AI networks to create interactive 3D test environments where developers can modify the scene and see how the world reacts. Developers can change scenarios, add synthetic objects, and apply randomizations to make the initial scenarios even more challenging. DRIVE Sim can also be used for human in-the-loop testing and is the virtual studio where car designers and software engineers can collaborate and simulate the complete experience of the end user.

NVIDIA Modulus - Learn More

  • NVIDIA Modulus is a framework that provides a customizable training platform for developing physics machine learning (neural network) models. Today we are announcing a new version, Modulus 22.09. Highlights for this release include:
    • Increased composition flexibility for neural operator architectures
    • Features to improve training convergence and performance
    • Significant improvements to the user experience with documentation enhancements

DLSS 3 - Learn More

  • NVIDIA DLSS 3is a neural graphics technology that multiplies performance using AI to create entirely new frames and display higher resolution through image reconstruction—all while delivering best-in-class image quality and responsiveness

RTX Path Tracking SDK - Learn More

  • The NVIDIA RTX™ Path Tracing Software Development Kit (SDK) merges years of best practices within real-time ray tracing and neural graphics development for building a real-time path tracer.

GTC is still happening; check out our Omniverse Creators and Developers Guide to GTC Fall 2022 for a list of can’t miss sessions.

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