GTX 1060 - Argyll/dispcal in KUBUNTU xenial - We dont have access to the videoLUT for clearing.

Is it somehow possible to get argyllCMS to work, with following config:
Kubuntu 16.04
Nvidia gtx 1060
NVIDIA binary driver - version 370.28 - is installed
argyllCMS is: 1.8.3+repack-2
dispcalgui is:
Linux 4.4.0-45-generic x86_64

If there is any way to get this to work, your help would be appreciated very much…

sry, for the “not so good” english. i am not a native speaker.

the error message i am getting at the moment when i try to load the icc profile is something like:

Cant load VideoLUT…

Thank you so much for your help in advance…

BTW: is there any way to “feed” the icc to something else? KDE also has(had?) some colormanager…(could there be some interference or could this be the solution for my problem?)

You need to compile the current Argyll CMS development sources to get compatibility with the latest nVidia drivers.

before (that was SteamOS --?maybe some other graphics driver?–), I compiled the latest argyll from source… i guess i did something wrong.

Because now, i downloaded the binaries precompiled and just copied them over the bin ref and usb files on my system… and the situation looks much much better now.

But there still seems to be some caveat, when i run Displaycal now and tell it to install the profile,
I get:


BIGREDCROSS colord: Querying for profile xnumbersandcharsx returned no results for 5 seconds


What should i read out of this information as an ordinary-mortal being?