GTX 1080 + compiz = wtf

Intel 6900K
OpenSuSE Tumbleweed x86_64
Kernel 4.10.11

Resizing a window running glxgears is crazy slow (X > 100% CPU, i.e.: 160%+).

Also, anything dragged (moved) over glxgears or chrome will result in a jerky movement.

Now, if I use my GTX 980 then I get none of these problems.

Oh, yes I game in windows and the card is optimal, no issues.

Things are also weird in cinnamon/muffin and gnome/mutter.

For example, while a video is on screen it skips if I right click for a pop up menu (i.e.: gnome-terminal for example).

All this doesn’t happen if I swap to my GTX 980.

Also got a notebook with a GTX 980 and it doesn’t do any of this.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (133 KB)

Thanks but I know about the bug report.

However, I am unable to attach my file because it keeps saying

[INFECTED! FILE REMOVED] nvidia-bug-report.log.gz


Ok so I validated on 2 other setups.

Completely different machines with gtx 1080.

Ubuntu 16.04 + unity - exact same behavior
Gentoo + compiz 0.8 branch - exact same behavior

I have tried to tweak various settings to isolate the problem.

Only 1 setting amplifies the symptom and it’s “DamageEvents” to “false”.

Makes sense since if I compare a system with a GTX 980 vs GTX 1080 the cpu usage for the latter is >100% when resizing a window and only 30% for the GTX 980 using compiz.

Seems like a problem with the XWindow sync?

Really annoying.

Alright so anyone from NVIDIA can confirm that resizing glxgears in Ubuntu 16 + GTX 1080 is not jerky/laggy/slow.

Because this is a symptom of different issues I am seeing.

Nvidia doesn’t care about broken X/compositor performance. It’s ridiculous, but with Kepler you get better 2D performance with Nouveau than with Nvidia’s proprietary driver.

Here is another user who paid 1000$ for this “flagship” card and having the same issue.

Alright, I bought a amd vega 64 and with the open source driver it’s simply awesome.

Thanks nVidia your support is A+.