GTX 690 BaseMosaic Triplehead + Vulkan crashes.

I’m running my development machine on a GTX 690 with three 1920x1080 monitors, set up as a BaseMosaic between the left screen and a TwinView pair of the center and right screens.

This setup works perfectly in OpenGL.

However, any attempts to use Vulkan result in long freezes of the entire desktop’s rendering, which sometimes recovers after a few tens of seconds. It doesn’t matter which Vulkan application I try - even Steam’s startup freezes for about 10 seconds while checking for Vulkan support.

For sanity checking, I’ve switched off BaseMosaic and Vulkan appears to work fine in that configuration. Unfortunately, I lose a monitor in the process. This means it’s clearly an interaction between BaseMosaic and Vulkan. This behavior has remained constant over 2 CPU upgrades and a half-dozen different NVIDIA driver versions since the first experimental Vulkan releases.

I would really like this bug fixed, as it is making it impossible for me to develop for Vulkan at this time.


Could you provide a nvidia-bug-report.log?

I am not sure to understand properly, BaseMosaic is a multi-GPU feature and from what you are saying you seem to have a single GTX 690. Did you mean Xinerama instead? We do not currently support Vulkan on Xinerama and BaseMosaic, but since the GTX 690 is based on Kepler you should be able to configure your 3-monitor setup with TwinView (e.g. the default configuration).

Has TwinView not been working for you?