Gtx 780 driver 460 installation failed on centos 8

i have a newly installed centos 8, and tried to install the nvidia driver 460.67 for gtx 780…

But the installation failed with : ERROR: Unable to load the ‘nvidia-drm’ kernel module.

Attached are:

  1. lspci command output, to show GTX780 GPU is installed.
  2. nvidia-installer.log
  3. output

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (97.2 KB) nvidia-installer.log (8.5 KB)

That doesn’t really look like a GTX780, the driver detects it as “unknown G9x” meaning some geforce 9000. Furthermore, it also doesn’t have an audio subdevice. This might be some reflashed fake card or badly damaged. What kind of monitor connectors does it have?

it has dvi, hdmi, vga.

I’m sorry but I strongly believe that’s a fake card

  • hdmi port but no hdmi audio device
  • GTX780 doesn’t use DDR3 memory
  • PCI subvendor/subdevice ids non-existant
  • detected as G9x instead of GK110
  • Edit: GTX780 is quad-head but this one has only three connectors

If you just bought it, try to get your money back.
What kind of brand did they sell it under?

Thanks for the reply.
it’s an old card i found at home. it’s very likely to be damaged or fake one . i will throw it away.