GTX 780Ti and Windows Server 2012 R2 and CUDA -> bluescreen?


I am running a 780 Ti in an Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty Killer mainboard. I chose Win Server 2012 R2 180 day trial and installed the latest nVidia drivers (tried both WHQL and Beta).

The problem is that I get a bluescreen after a few seconds trying to run my CUDA application. BAD_POOL_HEADER and such (memory corruption). Before that bluescreen, the nVidia driver is typically being reported as crashing by Windows.

So far I have tried disabling CPU and PCI sleep states, reduced PCI bus speed from Gen 3.0 to 2.0. And I did a BIOS update for the mainboard. Mayvbe it isn’t a hardware issue after all?

Is Windows Server 2012 R2 generally unsupported for CUDA using consumer card drivers? If so, why did the driver install without a hitch ;)


with more research I was able to narrow down the problem. I think my program requested more memory than the WDDM driver model was willing to give it on this particular machine.

Because I did not yet really add a lot of error checking to my CUDA application, the program nevertheless tried to run kernels. Somehow this was triggering bluescreens in the driver. Bluescreens definitely should not happen, but now I know how to avoid them.

Now I have to hunt down a performance regression. I get half the peak performance that I would expect from a 780 Ti. And some kernel configurations even run at just 1/10th the speed that I would expect. D’oh!

It seems to me that a blue screen is not the kind of behavior one should expect when throwing some bad data at the driver. Since you state that this happens with the WHQL driver as well, I think it would be helpful if you could file a bug report with a repro app attached.

Hi Friends,

GTX 780 TI will thsi card driver supported for Windows Server OS like windows server 2012 R2 datacenter/standard versions… Please solve my query it will be helpful for me…

Go to and select Drivers…All NVIDIA drivers

Then start filling in the information requested by the dialog. If it produces a recommended driver for your configuration that you enter, it should be supported with that driver.

When I do that with the 780Ti, the dialog does not offer me the windows server operating systems to choose, so I think its reasonable to assume that is not an officially supported config by NVIDIA at this time.