GTX1060 MAXQ can't support CUDA8.0?

The configuration of my computer is as below:
a laptop computer with i7 CPU,6GB memories,with GTX MaxQ graphics and win10 operation system.
i want to install tensorflow1.4 with GPU,VS2015.When i install CUDA8.0, the computer said that it can’ find suitable driver programs.should i install CUDA9.0? anyone can tell me how to resolve it?

The GTX 1060 is a Pascal-family device and therefore supported by CUDA 8. Is this a laptop with an integrated Intel GPU plus a discrete NVIDIA GPU?

If so, I am guessing that at installation time the Intel GPU is active while the NVIDIA GPU is inactive, making it invisible to the NVIDIA installer (this assumes that the error message is in fact produced by the NVIDIA installer. This isn’t clear; you might want to cut & paste the exact error message here).

I don’t use such a laptop with heterogeneous GPUs, so the best I can tell you is that the problem should be solvable but I don’t know the details of how.

If you want to use CUDA 8, keep the driver you already have installed for your GPU, and install CUDA 8, while selecting the option not to install the driver provided by the CUDA 8 toolkit installer.

Dear njuffa and txbob,
Thanks a lot for your good advices!I have resolved that problem.

Thanks a lot!

Remember not to install the driver from CUDA Toolkit,only install the remaining portions.