H263 hardware Encoder support in Jetson TK1?


I want to know, Is H263 hardware encoder available in Jeston TK1? If So how can I use it? Now I am using H264 hardware encoders in Jetson TK1.

In hardware, the TK1 directly supports H.264…the TX1 supports H.265.

Hi Linuxdev,

Thanks for the reply.I am working on video call application just like skype. Consider this scenario. If my transmission device is Jetson TK1 and receiver is some other device without H264 decoder and supports only H263 decoder. In that case, I need to send the TX video in H263 encoded format. For this case, I need to use H263 encoder. But I can find software H263 support. But I am not sure H263 hardware encoder is supported. So far I can find H264 and VP8 hardware encoders. But not H263 hardware encoders.This means it is not supported? Can you please clarify on this ?

I lack sufficient knowledge of the encoders to tell you the best way to convert formats, but a conversion seems inevitable for your case. H.263 though is not supported in Jetson hardware. The choice would be whether software or add-on hardware is used. If you have detailed knowledge of H.263 and H.264 I suspect CUDA could be used instead of add-on hardware or pure software implementations. Given that even H.264 will be considered obsolete as H.265 becomes more popular, it will be hard to find hardware-based solutions on any newer SoC.

Additional note: I searched for H.263 at a number of electronic component suppliers and never found a current in-production chip for support of H.263 (a lot of hardware shows up if searching for H.264 support). As painful as it sounds, it looks like you will need a detailed knowledge of H.263 and H.264 to write your own software-based converter. Newer conferencing devices are unlikely to use H.263, but if you were to create your own software with compatibility, then I suspect you wouldn’t have much competition from newer conferencing devices.