H264 SVC Decoding support in deepstream?

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)
• DeepStream Version 6.0
• JetPack Version 4.6
• TensorRT Version
• Issue Type( question)

When using an mp4 with svc encoded or live rtsp feed with svc enabled, deepstream hangs and doesn’t decode the feed.

This warning/error is logged to the shell aswell.

Missing plugins: missing-plugin, type=(string)decoder, detail=(GstCaps)"application/x-rtp\,\ media\=\(string\)video\,\ payload\=\(int\)96\,\ encoding-name\=\(string\)H264-SVC\,\ packetization-mode\=\(string\)1\,\ profile-level-id\=\(string\)53001E\,\ sprop-parameter-sets\=\(string\)\"b1MAHq2EAQwgCGEAQwgCGEAQwgCEO3BYCTTcBAQFAAADA+gAAJxAgAkA\\\,aO48sAA\\\=\"\,\ a-packetization-supported\=\(string\)DH\,\ a-rtppayload-supported\=\(string\)DH\,\ a-framerate\=\(string\)20.000000\,\ a-recvonly\=\(string\)\"\"\,\ ssrc\=\(uint\)984854478\,\ clock-base\=\(uint\)45006\,\ seqnum-base\=\(uint\)45006", name=(string)"H264-SVC\ video\ RTP\ depayloader";

I’ve read before that the multimedia-api supports --svc, but how can i use that as a replacement for rtspsrc/uridecodebin ?

It seems kinda hacky to read the feed with the multimedia api and THEN push the decoded buffers to deepstream via appsrc, so i’d rather not do it. Are there any alternative to creating a custom function that utilizes the multimedia-api to read the svc feed ?

Where did you read it?

deepstream does not support SVC

Where did you read it?

I read that here.

deepstream does not support svc

It is state here that it should support at least one source

As replied in Xavior NX codec support VP9 SVC (Scaled Video Coding) - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Xavier NX - NVIDIA Developer Forums, deepstream does not support SVC, but the plugin is open source, you can customize it.

The plugin is open source, you can customize it.

So this is the best option then ?

… read the feed with the multimedia api and THEN push the decoded buffers to deepstream via appsrc …

If it is, then the CORE gstreamer plugins of deepstream (IE streammux, nvinfer, nvtracker, nvstreamdemux) are compatible with SVC ?

Just not the sample apps, or deepstream-app, because of the limitations with the nv4l2decoder element ?

For only one source, decoder is enough.

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