Have both cuda 10.2 and 10.0 on Jetpack 4.6

I am currently having jetpack 4.3 on the AGX board. There is one application using cuda 10.0, and that prevents me to upgrading to Jetpack 4.6 that has cuda 10.2.

I noticed if I use “apt dist-upgrade” method to upgrade from 4.3 to 4.6, the system leaves cuda 10.0 untouched. I can then install cuda 10.2, so that my system has both 10.0 (for old applications) and 10.2 (for new applications).

If I use clean flash.sh or OTA image upgrade, the system will only have cuda 10.2. If I pull the old cuda 10.0 deb packages from jetpack 4.3 and install them on jetpack 4.6, so that I have both cuda versions, do you see a problem?

Another option I am thinking is to run 4.3 docker container image inside 4.6, for the old application that depends on cuda 10.0. I checked the Dockerfile from nvidia / container-images / l4t-base · GitLab but they don’t seem to be maintained. If you try to build images using those Dockerfiles, they don’t match the images pulled from NVIDIA L4T CUDA | NVIDIA NGC
Where can I find the latest Dockerfiles?

BTW, the jetpack 4.6 docker image is correctly marked as for "Architecture": "arm64" (docker inspect nvcr.io/nvidia/l4t-base:r32.6.1 ). BUT jetpack 4.3 image is incorrectly marked as "Architecture": "amd64" (docker inspect nvcr.io/nvidia/l4t-base:r32.3.1)


Since there is a dependency between the GPU driver and the CUDA library.
You might meet some issues when running CUDA 10.0 on JetPack4.6.

Have you tried a CUDA sample to see if it works?


I haven’t got a chance to test that. If there are dependencies with GPU driver on the board, does that mean we won’t be able to use a container with older l4t version that comes with old cuda version?

I tried a few and all worked. There are more than 100 samples. Do you have a good one for me to test?


We don’t recommend this since it is out of our testing scope.

We are checking more details with our internal team.
Will get back to you soon.



Just checked with our internal team.
Apps compiled with older tools should work with newer Drivers.

But it’s still recommended to upgrade your application with the latest software once it is possible.

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