Cuda10 on xavier nx

I am wondering is there any way to enable cuda10 on jetpack4.6 while booting from SSD. I am trying to use cuda10 but jetpack4.3 which has cuda10 is not available for xavier nx. I have unit with mmc of 16GB. I firstly booted the unit from mmc but due to the disk being full the GUI (gdm3) filed. Then I boot the unit from SSD and have cuda10.2 while being able to see cuda10 in cuda folder (/usr/local/cuda cuda10 cuda 10.2)

any suggestion, please?

Hello @hell_2015 ,

I am going to move this over to the Jetson category so support has visibility.

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Tom K

Sorry to tell the each CUDA version installed via JetPack have dependency at low layer driver/library, they can’t be used on worng JetPack vesion.

I downgraded to jetpack 4.4
My problem was with tenorrt only.
I was able to run autoware on xavier nx