HDMI Input bad frames (HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge) Screen Tearing

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We are using the HDMI to CSI-2 Bridge (From a third party manufacturer) on a Jetson TK1.
The driver tc358743 is used for this card.

Some of the frames retrieved with a VideoForLinux (V4L2) program are not correct.
It seems like these frames contain a part of the next one.
Our program works correctly on an IMX board.

We think that is maybe a problem on the CSI bus.

  1. Did you have any issue on the CSI bus synchronization on Jetson TK1 ?
  2. Do you know HDMI Input driver working correctly with a full HD source ?

Here are V4L infos:

Driver Info (not using libv4l2):
	Driver name   : vi.0
	Card type     : vi
	Bus info      : 
	Driver version: 0.0.5
	Capabilities  : 0x04000001
		Video Capture
Video input : 0 (Camera: ok)
Format Video Capture:
	Width/Height  : 1920/1080
	Pixel Format  : 'UYVY'
	Field         : None
	Bytes per Line: 3840
	Size Image    : 4147200
	Colorspace    : SRGB

User Controls

            audio_sampling_rate (int)    : min=0 max=768000 step=1 default=0 value=48000 flags=read-only
                  audio_present (bool)   : default=0 value=0 flags=read-only

Digital Video Controls

                  power_present (bitmask): max=0x00000001 default=0x00000000 value=0x00000001 flags=read-only

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First there’s no any issue for the TK1 for the synchronization.

Did you try the 640x480? Below are the link for the tc358743, however seems only verify the 640x480 instead of 1080p.



We finally found the reason of this problem.
The HDMI IN video source causes the acquisition of bad frames.

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