HDMI just can be displayed by 1.4b mode

Dear Sir:
Our company has an EA test now. I connected our module to a display monitor that supports both HDMI2.0 and HDMI1.4. then we test find HDMI1.4 can be detected. But HDMI2.0 can not.Can you support us how to modify the register by changing HDMI1.4 mode to HDMI2.0 mode?

May I know what the EA test is?
Are you using your carrier board or devkit?
Which JetPack version you’re using?


We use the carrier board we designed.But the code nerver change since I download from your website.
EA test means signal integrity test.It indicates that our products will enter the stage of mass production.
version: jetpack 5.0.2 rev1

Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Tuning_Compliance_Guide_DA-11040-001_v0.7(1).pdf (1.8 MB)
You can refer this application note.Please help us to check.


I wonder what kind of “HDMI2.0” mode failure you are talking about.

We will have some HDMI compliance fix in next release. But I am not sure what error did you hit here.

Please elaborate.

TOPIC: we are doing signal testing of HDMI.
Question: we use HDMI1.4 fixture to read our orin signal, HDMI1.4 signal is captured normally. But we can’t catch the HDMI2.0 signal of our orin module when we test our orin module with HDMI2.0 's fixture. So I want to ask you how to switch orin module from HDMI1.4 to HDMI2.0.


Orin HDMI is not yet passing the compliance test. We will try to fix this in next release.

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hi WayneWWW:
OK.Our company will do other compliance tests
Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Could you clarify what is the exact test that “HDMI2.0 fixture” is doing?

I am not quite sure what is that thing doing.

Our jetson orin module is doing a signal test to make sure it supports HDMI2.0 bandwidth rate.But when I connected our device to a laboratory testing equipment, I could not detect the HDMI2.0 signal at all, and i also try to connect the display screen that supported HDMI2.0, but the signal coming out was not HDMI2.0 and it was HDMI1.4.

btw, are you using custom board with native HDMI port added?

Yes, exactly.btw,can you tell me when to release the version supported for automatic detect switching from HDMI1.4 to HDMI2.0?

Hi Wayne,
Does the some HDMI compliance fix in the AGX ORIN now? HDMI 2.0 test fails when we test. Can you give us some advice?

Please file a new topic and tell us what item got failed in your compliance test.