HDMI monitor wont display after turn off then turn on

If I turn on my screen first, then power on the pc, it will have a signal. But if I turn off the monitor while pc is power on, then turn on the monitor again, the monitor will not receive a signal.
To force it to display, I have to press ctrl+alt+f2, then ctrl+alt+f1
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (256.4 KB)

@generix since you have experience, can you help me take a look at this. I did google for a few months, but cant find a solution :(.

I can only tell you that this is a common problem with the nvidia driver and hdmi 2.0+ monitors. You could try adding
Option "HardDPMS" "false"
to the device section of your xorg config, though this likely won’t help. You might also try installing acpid. YMMV
Whcih exact monitor model is this? Any converter cables involved? The logs only say “SAMSUNG” which isn’t actually meaningful.

It is Samsung UA40JU6600, no cable converter. I use 4k 60fps, maybe it is hdmi 2.0+.
The TV has ‘instant-on mode’, I did try turn the mode on and off, seem doesnt help. Only unplug the hdmi cable, then plug it back, the TV will have a signal, or do the trick ctr+alt+f2 and f1.
Thank you for your help, I will try your method later.