help for PGI and HPCC,HPL

I am trying to compile the High Performance Linpack Benchmark and HP
Computing Challenge Benchmark software on HP cluster that has PGI 5.2
compiler. I try to use BLAS routines PGI has. I get some errors like

…/…/…/lib/hp/libhpl.a(HPL_pabort.o)(.text+0x99): In function `HPL_pabort’:

…/…/…/src/pauxil/HPL_pabort.c:108: undefined reference to

In function xerbla_': : undefined reference to fio_src_info’

In function xerbla_': : undefined reference to fio_fmtw_init’

I couldn’t solve the problem have you any idea?

Many thanks

Hi guren,

The ‘fio’ symbols are references to fortran io objects included with our fortran libraries. Your most likely are trying to link with pgcc which do not include these libraries. To fix, use pgf77 instead of pgcc to link and add “-Mnomain” to the link options.

I’m not sure why your getting the “__builtin_va_start” undefined reference. What flag’s are you using to compile HPL_pabort.c? One thing to try is adding “-Mnobuiltin” on the compilation line to see if it goes away.

  • Mat