help of PVF

I have installed a licensed PVF, 2008. However, once I am asking for the help of one command for instance “IF” the online help appears from Visual Basics.
I am wondering how I can use the help which is directly related to PGI, Fortran commands.


You can access PVF’s Help integrated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio help using the Help menu. On the Help Menu, select Context. When the document explorer comes up, you should see PGI Visual Fortran as a top-level node in the Context pane. If you don’t see it, make sure that the Filtered By box is set to “(unfiltered)”.

PVF does not currently support dynamic help, which is also known as F1 Help because you access it using the F1 key.

All of the PGI documentation is also available in pdf form from the Start menu.

If this does not answer your question or you still have trouble accessing PGI’s help, let us know.