Help setting up Eclipse Nsight

I was setting up my Nsight IDE when I came up against this problem:

[b]“Now let’s work through the steps for setting up the host environment configuration by creating a build configuration and selecting the proper toolchain, so that the cmake4eclipse plugin will be used whenever you build the project within Nsight.

  1. Right click on “LaneNet” and select “Properties” from the Project Explorer window.”[/b]

I don’t have a “LaneNet” in my Project? I tried setting those properties for my Project, but I get a build failure:

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Debug -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS:BOOL=ON -G “Unix Makefiles” /home/patrick/samples-nsight
Cannot run program “cmake”: Unknown reason
Error: Program “cmake” not found in PATH
Test_project de.marw.cdt.cmake.core.internal.BuildscriptGenerator Buildscript Generation Problem

Any help would be most appreciated.

Should add I am following this guide:

The error says “cmake” is not found in PATH. You need to install cmake and add it to your PATH.
On which platform you are running Nsight?

Hi kjalaludeen,

Thanks for helping. I’m running Eclipse Nsight on Ubuntu 16.04.
Just trying to follow the setup instructions, it told me to install cmake4eclipse which I did…

cmake4eclipse is an eclipse plugin and I think it assumes that you already have cmake installed on your system.

Try installing cmake: sudo apt-get install cmake

Ok, have problems connecting to any of the urls… :/