Host-PC: Unable to install cmake4eclipse in Nsight eclipse (Take2)

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Software Version
NVIDIA DRIVE™ Software 10.0 (Linux)

Target Operating System

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Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu 18.04

Hey guys,

need help with installing cmake4eclipse. Currently I’m only working with the host-pc. No hardware connected to it.
At the moment, for me there is no accessible way to install it.

Eclipse Marketplace is also not working for me.
I get the following error:

People are also discussing this issue under the official offer of eclipse marketplace, see cmake4eclipse | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace.

There are also discussion’s ongoing in the corresponding mailing list of cmake4eclipse. See for example and

I don’t have any idea at the moment how to install cmake4eclipse. Nothing works for me…

If I download the .zip-file, how should I install it through eclipse? Any idea?
Local direct link to the .zip doesn’t work for me, too. Maven produces a lot of errors.
Currently from my perspective, Nsight Eclipse is not usable.

Is there any chance that Nvidia is going to provide a solution to this?
It could be also something related to my workstation. Please tell me, if you need any additional informations from my side.


Do you want to install cmake4eclipse on an x86 environment?
If yes, this looks like an independent issue to DRIVE. Is that correct?

Just check the review and comment in the link you shared.
It seems the tool is not working recently and lots of error report there.

May I know more about your use case?
Do you want an IDE environment for developing code for DRIVE?


Dear AastaLLL,

yes, I’m trying to install cmake4eclipse on an x86_64 environment.
In other words: I will be working on some additional algorithms in combination with your Drive Software only on the Host-PC. The AGX board will be not connected at my working place. Afterwards this will be uploaded to and run on the AGX Xavier board.

But since the AGX board is currently used by another colleague, I would like to develop code independently of the AGX board. Therefore I’m trying to use the Nsight Eclipse IDE you are providing with the Drive Software and configure everything in the same way like you are describing it under the following link:

But yes, you are right. There are some issues with cmake4eclipse at the moment.
From my point of view, you are proposing to use Nsight Eclipse in combination with this plugin.
Since cmake4eclipse can’t be installed for me, I would like to know, if you have any other proposal or help to compile samples through Eclipse and with CMake, since all the samples are based on CMake.

The only workaround I have found was, to use cmake in a shell, execute it in the folder “driveworks/sampels” and then open the required sample as a Makefile project, since the required Makefile was created before with the cmake execution. But I would like to use the official way.


Please noted that AGX Xavier and DRIVE are very different platforms.
In general, if you develop a software with DRIVE cross-compiling tool.
It won’t be executable on Xavier as well as some dependencies issues from the libraries.

Do you need an IDE environment?
If you only need a CMake environment, this will be much simpler.

For example, you can develop a TensorRT app with the compiling docker below: