Hi is it a good time to sell nanos

Hi, i have two jetson nanos. Are they discontinued now or is it in 2025? What happens when they are discontinued will they be worth less after that. What i mean by that is: is this the best time to sell my nanos and use the money towards a orin.

Earlier this year, Kernel 4.9 and Ubuntu 18.04 which Jetpack 4 is based on, reached their End of Life. But we continued to roll out regular JetPack 4 updates with security patches and critical bug fixes.

As we look ahead, we are targeting final release of Jetpack 4 in Q1 2024, marking its End of Life. For continued Kernel maintenance on JetPack 4 beyond EOL, we encourage you to leverage the expertise of our ecosystem partners and reach out to TimeSys and Codethink

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