Hi there. What are the main differences between Connect-IB and ConnectX-3?

I’m considering using NFS over InfiniBand (and IPoIB). Since prices are more-less similar I wandering which of the two should I buy?

Hello Zbuntowany,

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Below links will provide you the product capabilities for both adapters:

The Connect-IB is IB only. The ConnectX-3 VPI has the option to change the port type to IB or Ethernet.

Both adapters in general are EOL and majority of the ConnectX-3 models are EOS.

Our latest GA drivers, will not support Connect-IB anymore.

Recommendation would be to try to purchase a more recent adapter like the ConnectX-4 or 5 VPI, or even the ConnectX-6 VPI. All these VPI adapters will give you the opportunity to change the port type to IB or Ethernet so they will be more versatile to use.

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Thanks for a quick answer,

As I understand both are enough to run NFS over RDMA. So I don’t think I’ll spend money on anything better than Connect-IB. This is not for production but a kind of academic purpose.

Well, if you would like to donate some for our university…