ConnectX-6 VPI vs ConnectX-6 DE Product Differences


I understand that the difference between the two products is VPI support.
I would like to know the features of the DE(MCX683105AN-HDAT) product, not the difference in the number of physical ports.


Hi Jayce,

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The ConnectX-6 DE, aside from the absence of VPI (and consequently, Ethernet) functionality, has the same feature set and limitations as the ConnectX-6 VPI adapter.

Please refer to the ConnectX-6 DE firmware release notes. The following section:
states that "ConnectX-6 DE has the same feature set as ConnectX-6 adapter card. "

The ‘Known Issues’ section of these release notes contains the same statement, alongside descriptions of some ConnectX-6 DE specific issues:

Additional specifications can be found here:

And here:

I do hope this is the information you were looking for.

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