High GPU usage


Following this issue, IsaacSim is running with 99% GPU usage after launching the app with an empty scene.

IsaacSim 2023.1.1
RTX 4090
From nvidia-smi:
…NVIDIA-SMI 545.29.06
…Driver Version: 545.29.06
…CUDA Version: 12.3
…GPU-Util 99% (constant)
From IsaacSim:
…FPS: 480
…Frame time: 2.12ms

What are reasonable settings that I can use?
Are you planning to fix default configuration?

It causes noticeable lag in other apps (even moving the “terminal” around the screen), and the GPU’s fan is working really hard for nothing…

Thank you

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@shir1 Yes this is normal and expected. This is a LIVE REALTIME app. No different from running a super powerful video game or a gpu simulation. If it is running, it will attempt to run the RTX viewport at the maximum quality and maximum framerate possible. It does not matter if there is just an empty scene, or a million objects in it. The demand is always at max. This is not an app to “leave running” in the background casually. It is very intense.

There is one setting you can add which is already on by default in USD Composer but not in Issac Sim. You can add ECO MODE here and this will reduce the GPU load down from 100% to around 20% when it reaches this set number of rendering iterations.