GPU inactive in Isaac Sim

Hi everyone,
I tried launching the multiple robots example in isaac sim tutorials. When launching the simulation, the performance are low 7.5 FPS but the GPU and RAM don’t seem to be used. 4.5Gb / 16.6Gb for GPU and 14.6Gb/48.1Gb for RAM.

I’m running on Ubuntu 22.04 with ROS2 Humble.
CPU: Ryzen 9 / GPU: RTX 3090 24Gb / RAM: 64Gb

Here is a screen of the performance when simulation launched:

Should i activate something ?

@odysse.loizeau i am just another user; without knowing the complexity of your environment and based off of the screenshot, i am wondering whether this post by the mod is a reasonable response:

but i am just speculating. there could be other reasons why you are facing low fps; you could try checking to see the profiler extension to see, if any, is affecting the fps. perhaps the mods/devs would be able to offer their professional insight.

I’m surprised by the response too.

Moreover, I’m running a tutorial so if the config i have, i would expect higher performance.

I don’t really understand why the GPU cost is fixed for “small” simulation but anyway.

I will try and come back. If the moderator have more explanation about this fixed GPU cost, I’m interested :)