Horizon 7.5 Instant clones

Got some hosts with dual M10’s running ESX 6.7 and Horizon 7.5. Instant clone pools don’t seem to be releasing the licenses. When ever a vm is deleted and then remade the system just goes and grabs another license and they never come back to the server. I have the latest manager with build date of 8-6-2018 running. Any ideas?


Thanks Mcerveny for the info. I was familiar with clearing the store and re-applying the license. I’ll try reducing the timeout period on the clients. This timeout seems to be an issue for many. The thread was from 10 months ago. Nvidia hasn’t done anything about this yet?

Well, this is not a Nvidia issue. This is a functionality in Flexera and VMware causes the issue with not shutting down VMs gracefully. So I would say this is a VMWare issue and they should provide a workaround with for example running a script to unload Flexera service instead of destoying VMs.

So what do you expect Nvidia should do? Flexera solution was first …
Just my 2 cents