How are the ultrasonic sensor's emitter, firing group, and array related?

Hello NVIDIA team,

I am trying to add an ultrasonic sensor to a mobile robot, which I simulated in Isaac. I saw the example in the documentation, but there are no details on how the firing groups and sensor arrays are configured to use the emitter prims. I appreciate your effort, but I would like to make a minimalistic example using the ultrasonic sensor elements to understand how to make the setup.

Suppose I want to add a front sensor (ultrasonic type) into my robot body to detect when progressing toward obstacles. What should I add, and how should I configure the added components to work together?

Thank you!

I would appreciate it if you have a look at this issue when you have time @Hammad_M
Thank you!

Any help with this issue will be much appreciated. Thank you! @qwan

Have you figured it out ? I have the same question.

I am sorry, @fzg7919 , I could not. Did you solve this problem?