Adding noise to sensor readings

I have a robot with a Lidar and RGB-D camera. I want to introduce some noise into the readings, and I could not find an option in the property window of the sensors to do so. I have used Gazebo previously, and there the option to add noise could directly be added in the xacro files while defining the robot. How do I add noise to my sensor readings in Isaac Sim? Thank you for your reply!
Vivek Varma

Hi @vivekvarma98 ,

Unfortunately we don’t have a shortcut for adding noise to your sensor in the current version, but will be added soon.
You could write a python script to do this, although is not the best way but should work.



Hi @vivekvarma98,

I have the same problem as you. Have you been able to find a solution?

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Yes, we will have a solution for this by using the omnigraph, coming out spring 2022

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It is spring now. =D Is there any directions to add some noise to lidar data?

We will Omnigraph in our next release, which is the tool for adding noise and other post processing to sensors

Thank you~!