How can I change ROSnode name (OmniIsaacRosBridge) in ActionGraph?

Hi. How can I change node name??

I want to run another isaacsim program with ros, but when I run another one, Reason given for shutdown: [[/OmniIsaacRosBridge] Reason: new node registered with same name] occurs.

my final goal is run multiple standalone isaacsim apps with ROSBridge.


I am not sure if the name of the node can be changed from OmniGraph…
but you can always modify the exts."omni.isaac.ros_bridge".nodeName extension setting (PATH_TO_ISAAC_SIM/exts/omni.isaac.ros_bridge/config/extension.toml) to change the name of the node before launching Isaac Sim

The recommended way in your case is to change the name from command line argument, example:

./ --/exts/omni.isaac.ros_bridge/nodeName="NewNodeName"

It works, Thanks!

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