How do I launch an extension I created?

The extension has Autoload. Yesterday if I made any changes in Code it would show up.

I don’t see how I launch this?

How do I add an entry in the menus like your extensions?

Hi @DataJuggler. I actually have a template that you can follow for adding a window to the Window menu: GitHub - mati-nvidia/window-menu-add: How to add a custom window to the window menu for NVIDIA Omniverse

Thank you. I will try this.

I am just answering my own question, as I just figured out that if you switch your extension from enabled, to off and then back to enabled, it will show your extension. I am slow sometimes at figuring stuff out.

I haven’t tried your adding a menu to a window command yet, but I just tried turning enable off and back and on and it appeared.

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