How do I render just part of the frame?

In many animation programs I have used, there is an option to render only a part of the frame, like “cropping” or “render area”

I need to render one part of my 5 sec long animation, but it is just the floor that is noisy in reflection. How can I adjust the render to this part of my animation only, to save render time?

I don’t know of a region rendering feature just yet. Sorry all or nothing for now.

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We do not currently support rendering of crop regions.

Okkay, to find out correct render settings for eyes, I can use black plates in front camera…
But this feature is much needed, and also a feature to render just one Xfrom, refleceting all surroundings like a normal render, and making an alpha channel at the same time to rendered images. + a expandable soft radius for the render area + aplha. That kind of feature I have not seen in any other 3d app. It could be a nice time saver when one character needs to be rendered to fix something…