How Many ethernet channel can establish via external usb hub?


We have to connect 2~3 eth port to AGX Orin Developer Kit.
So, we are using ‘usb to eth’ cable.

There is a issue when we use multipe ‘usb to eth’ port.

  1. usb c (x1) => no issue
  2. usb c (x2) => only 1 port has established and another doesn’t recognized.
  3. usb c (x1) + usa a (x1) => no issue

I wonder no.2 case, what is the problem??


For this case, which type-C port do you use on Orin developer kit? And you connect to a USB hub and then to two USB to Ethernet dongles? Would like to get more information to understand the error case.

Please, check the dmesg and image

1. USB A (x1) and USB C (x1)

[J33] USB Type A to Eth => Connected
[J41] USB Type C to Eth => Connected

dmesg_ca.txt (78.4 KB)


2. USB C (x2)

[J41] USB Type C to Eth => Connected
[J40] USB Type C to Eth => Not Connected

dmesg_cc.txt (77.1 KB)


This seems to be a known issue. Please apply this patch and try again:
Jetpack 5.0.2,Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit, one type-c not working - #37 by WayneWWW

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