Jetson Agx Orin usb c port not working

Hi, we are using the JetPack 5.1(rev 1) version, but the usb c ports does not detect anything that i connect to them, there is power but there isn’t connection.

already tried this Jetpack 5.0.2,Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit, one type-c not working but didn’t work

This forum is for the much older Nano (TX1). You’ll want to post in the Orin AGX forum:

Incidentally, when you post again, you’ll want to attach a full serial console boot log. Also, monitor “dmesg --follow”, and see what new log shows up when you insert the cable. Lastly, when the cable is inserted, post the output of “lsusb” and “lsusb -t”.

Lastly, is this a dev kit? If it is a third party carrier board, then this changes things.

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