How many independent video processing paths are supported by AGX Orin?

I am looking at what going from AGX Xavier to AGX Orin will mean in terms of video output. I see that while Xavier has 3 video outputs the Orin only has 1 MST output. I have seen a couple of forum posts that say that even with MST Orin can only support 2 video monitors, and that does not seem to be dependent on the resolution/frame rate.

With support for 2 video outputs in the single MST does that mean there are 2 independent video processing paths available on the AGX Orin? And they are muxed into the MST as a final step prior to output?

If so, we would consider demuxing the MST in an FPGA to allow us to output 2 independent video outputs (or more if I have misinterpreted how many paths are available). Are there any issues with this that would prevent us from doing this?

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Yes, the MST will support 2 output. Are you asking whether the video processing path is independent 2 or 1 path and then split by MST?

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